Day of Love

Valentine’s Day is a great day. I always liked it pretty well. That is probably because as a young child, my daddy and grandpa always gave me fun things for Valentine’s day. I can remember my Grandpa always sending a balloon arrangement or flowers to me at school from a pretty young age. In college, even when I didn’t have a Valentine, I would go out with friends…and my mom always sent a sweet, thoughtful gift.

Well, this year for V-Day, we didn’t really want to fight crowds and do anything special out…so we stayed in! I decided to try to recreate a meal we had in Hawaii- macadamia nut crusted fish with a crab topping and hula pie. Well, this turned into a Mexican-Hawaiian (Mexiwaiin? Hawexican?) meal. I made the fish kinda spicy and made a crab guacamole instead of a crab topping. So we ate the guac with salsa and chips! ha! It was delish and a fun evening at home with my honey!

This was the fish and some grilled peppers on the side.

Our crab guac and favorite salsa from the health food store and our favorite blue corn tortilla chips.

This is hula pie. We had it in Hawaii and it was AMAZING. I found a recipe online and make it and it was fantastic. I will post a recipe later because I HAVE to share this fantasticness.

And Tyler got me the best presents! He went shopping with us Sunday and bought these fun things when I was trying on clothes. These cute earrings…

And also these darling silverish grey shoes! They are peep toe and have adorable flowers on them! And I made Tyler some sweet treats for his Vday gift (he is sooo hard to buy for!). I made him peanut butter truffles with this recipe from Bakerella. They were a hit and he LOVED them! He is still eating his batch, but he asked when I will make more!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and felt loved by someone! If nothing else, remember that God loves you sooo much!

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