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*update: I quit MRC about 8 months in. It was too restrictive, taught me bad habits in order to see a loss (“take a water pill!” or “don’t drink any water all day until after you weigh in”), and basically killed my metabolism.  It is a program that will cause you to lose weight.  Eating 900 calories a day on a low carb diet might have something to do with that.  I don’t really endorse the program anymore because my doctor told me eating so low calorie for so long has really hurt my metabolism for the long term. It’s just not healthy. However, I know people out there are searching for information, so I will leave this post up.  MRC did cause me to lose 40 pounds rather quickly (too quickly).  However, I gained almost all of it back after starting to eat a healthy diet that wasn’t “on program.”  PLEASE consult your doctor before beginning this or any other diet program. Also, this program gets expensive. When you get desperate to see a loss, you’ll start buying supplements and products…and at one point I was taking over 30 pills in a day (vitamins, fat burners, apple cider vinegar pills, mineral supplements…..all things they recommended and sold to me)A few people have asked about the diet I’m doing from the Metabolic Research Center, so I thought I would outline what I’m doing  in case anyone is interesting in losing weight in the new year. I have lost 30 pounds in 4 months (it would be a little more…but I had a few non-losing weeks because of the cruise and Christmas).So at MRC, they have several different menu plans and whatnot depending on your weight, your lifestyle, and your goal weight. One thing: if you do look into MRC- do not do the HCG plan. That plan uses HCG hormones, and I don’t think that is a totally healthy way to lose using artificial hormones. However, all of their other plans are just a food plan, which can be supplmented with vitamins and herbs and minerals.I do take a few vitamins and such on this diet. Daily, I take a fish oil, a multivitamin, and a couple herbal enhancers to rev up my metabolism. I also drink 2-4 of their High Nutrient Supplements (which they call HNS). Those are basically protien drinks that are mixed in water. These help curb cravings, help me stay full between meals, and protect my body from losing muscle (which would be bad. We want to lose fat, not muscle). They come in fruity flavors (Blue Raspberry, Wildberry, Peach Mango, Cherry, Grape, etc) and also in some savory flavors like cream of chicken, chicken boulion, and tomato basil (and these are GREAT to cook with). There are also some creamy ones like vanilla pudding and hot chocolate that are yummy for after dinner treats (You’re only allowed one creamy a day).

I also drink a lot of water on this diet. Every body needs 60-70 ounces of water daily. However, that is for a normal weight person. When you are overweight, your body needs more water to properly function. So they tell me to drink water all day long at over 100+ ounces daily. The water helps your cells flush out the fat!

The diet is about eating a higher protein/lower glycemic index diet. It is not NO CARB. You eat carbs at every meal. They just give you a list of foods not to eat while losing weight (because they are higher on the glycemic index). MRC is just limited to carbs with a low glycemic index, so you control your sugar level- which affects your hunger and weight. Its very scientific and grounded.

So here is my day on my diet. I won’t give you exact amounts or anything because really if you want to follow this diet, you need MRC to evaluate you and tell you how much you should be eating for your body.

-Some sort of protein (egg/cheese, bison, cheese, homemade turkey sausage, cottage cheese)
-Bread, tortilla, or oatmeal
-One HNS

Most days for breakfast, I make some cinnamon toast with my bread…or I make a breakfast burrito with the egg and cheese. I have made a cinnamon roll using the bread and the cottage cheese for a filling that was quite good too.

-Protein: chicken, turkey, tuna, cheese, egg, bison…..the list goes on and on of available proteins.
-Veggies (either cooked or raw). But NO canned…only fresh or frozen.
-Fruit (the same with no canned. Fresh or frozen only).
-One HNS

-I LOVE to make smoothies for lunch using my HNS and fruit. Another lunch fave is a stir fry like chicken, green peppers, and pineapples (a yummy one bowl meal).

An HNS for a “snack” in the afternoons.

-Protein of some sort: Chicken, turkey, beef, pork, shrimp, crab, lamb, tilapia, salmon, lamb, bison, etc.
-Bread, tortilla, beans

I like to make meals for dinner. Taco Salads, stir fry, chili rellanos, spaghetti (using spaghetti squash for my pasta), chili, chicken soup, there are so many options.

After dinner, I have another HNS, usually a creamy one for something sweet after dinner.

I got a MRC cookbook so I have tons of ideas for what to cook besides a hunk of chicken with a side of broccoli.

I just wanted to share because some people have asked about the program. And once I am done losing weight, we will phase more carbs back in until my weight stabilizes, then I just eat what I want within a reasonable calorie goal to maintain. (Update: I started eating healthily, and GAINED weight because eating so little for so long ruined my metabolism).



  1. I’m a fellow Arkansan and saw your posts on 3fatchicks.com. I saw an ad for Metabolic Research Center in the ArDemGaz this morning and am contemplating calling to set up an appointment. Do you know approximately how much money it cost overall to get started? That’s the one thing I’m really worried about.

  2. Casey- email me at brittneydeanne@gmail.com

  3. Just did! Thanks

  4. I’m also a fellow Arkansan and was researching MRC because of an ad I saw in today’s SW Times Record. I had weight loss surgery 3 yrs ago (the gastric sleeve) and only lost 50 lbs (as my husband lost 150 and oldest daughter 120.. blah!) I’m really wanting to lose the weight and I don’t know if this would be the right program for me to try or not. You’ve given me quite a bit to think about 🙂 Thank you!

  5. I signed up at MRC yesterday & cancelled today. The cost is $450, not including the expensive protein drinks they make you buy & you have to consume at least 2 times a day. It’s about $15 for a package of 7 packets. I don’t know what the $450 is for other than their secret diet plan, which seams to just be fewer calorie version of the 17 day diet.

  6. i signed up at MRC in Fort Wayne, Indiana 2 weeks ago and have lost 8 pounds. i am loving it so far. super easy and i am not getting my cravings as i usually did. i do not find it restricting at all. as far as cost, mine only cost me $298. along with the cost of drinks (which i almost choked once i heard how expensive they were). i dont know if the cost depends on the amount of weight you are needing to lose or not. but, that is why there are millions of diets out there, because everyone is different. you need to find what is right for you. whether it be surgery, nutri-system, or MRC, it is what works for you and what you feel will get you to your goal weight/size/fitness level, etc. i dont want anyone to take what i am saying negative or defensive in any way, just putting my story out there!

    thanks for letting me comment and good luck with your journeys! 🙂

    • You can buy the same drinks from Nashua Nutrition for a lot less money and they are the same things. I do it all the time

      • I plan to use protein supplements after I’m done with the program in about 17 weeks.

      • Thank you for that. I was doing a search specifically for finding substitutes for MRC supplements. (btw, I have lost 75 lbs. on MRC so I’m not trashing them completely but they are like hard-core car salesmen, get you on a contract, and require a lot of supplements to be bought from them.) I still want to lose 25 lbs and am planning on breaking away from MRC.

        • Hi Tom: Been thinking about doing MRC. went for an interview, which led to the GOLD package and Platinum pkg costs. Wow! Can you please share your experiences? Thank you. Penny

  7. It seemed to be the only diet I could lose weight, but I could only get within 25 pounds of my goal of 100 pounds. I decided to go through the phase out then to maintain. Sorry, can’t remember the terms. Well, I have had a hard time ever since and gained everything except 10 pounds. My family began to balk because it was hard to eat out and didn’t like the meals. Probably because it was low glycemic. Now, my kids are grown up and I have some of the product left, I am going to try again and will probably go back if I get on track.

  8. Is there a way to contact you privately regarding a few questions about this post? Thank you very much.

  9. I did MRC 10 yrs ago and lost 50 lbs and I’ve kept off 40lbs I never did follow through til the end it did help me learn how to eat more healthy. I’ve had two kids and moved 3 times since and we’re finally settled and I just started back again on MRC about 3 weeks ago and it’s so much better now 10 yrs ago the restrictions were crazy now that I’ve decided to do it again I feel like with some of the things I’m already cheating lol And if I can finish what I started 10 yrs ago and bounce back and fouth with 10 lbs I’ll be happy with that. And it oly cost me $250 including a month supplies of drinks. Good luck all of you as we take on the journey of loosing those extra lbs I hope you all find something that works for you.

  10. I have been on the MRC two times before and just started back again 10 days ago. I have always lost weight on the program, but then life takes over and I get busy and lazy and don’t cook and eat candy and…..well, you know. This time, my secret weapon is my boyfriend. He cooks all our meals. He is supportive and 100% on board as he is also trying to lose weight, so he does a less hard core version of my MRC plan (no supps, no HNS), but still he lost 5 lbs in the first week following the food plan alone with some things he took the liberty of adding in. I have lost 9 lbs in a week following the program guidelines exactly as they were given me. Ultimately, I want to feel better first. Love makes you fat and my bf and I both gained 30 lbs in the two years we have been together! So is fitting that we are supporting each other in taking it off. He will be at goal weight when he loses 30 lbs and I will have a lot more to go, but I feel good about our progress and our ability to stick to the plan. I’ve never had a “diet buddy” before or a personal chef, so I am feeling pretty confident I will lost the weight that I want to and gain back the energy that I have lost over time. And btw, MRC never messed up my metabolism. If you don’t get back into eating carbs VERY GRADUALLY, you will definitely gain weight back quickly. That’s just how our bodies work. Good luck to everyone! You are worth the effort!!

  11. I am almost at my goal weight with MRC but my time expired and I need advise going to stabilization. Their new plan is 3 weeks now not the original 6 I have fine before. Any body know what to add when? Thanks a million.

  12. Considering MRC again. I was told a tear would be $126 which includes a year maintenance. Should I or shouldn’t I? Need to lose about 80-90 lbs.

    • Hi Kathy, if you read my post, I don’t recommend MRC anymore. I feel like it actually created metabolic issues with me, which has hindered me in the long run. I would recommend a different healthier diet.

    • Kathy, When you did it before did you ever make it to the stabilization and maintenance portion? I never did, due to getting the flu and throwing up protein supplements. HA! But, I’m curious what that entailed.

  13. What are you doing now?

    • Hi Susiebelle- are you asking me what I’m doing? Or looking for feedback from a reader? I just completed 11 months on the ketogenic diet and lost 35 lbs. I have switched to Weight Watchers for a little more flexibility through the summer and to try and break a stall from keto.

  14. I’ve been on MRC for 6 weeks now and I’ve only lost 7 pounds. This week when I weighed the consultant told me I should have lost 12 to 15 pounds by now. I must be doing something wrong. I’m 51, I’m 5 ft and weigh 143 today. I had a hysterectomy in July and take hormones. I have been calling them daily since my last weigh in and consulting with them about everything I’m eating. I have gained back 1.6 pounds in one day. I’m taking all the supplements, the pills one to burn stomach fat that cost $75.00 for one month. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or why I’m not loosing. Please help with any suggestions.

    • Stephanie, if you read my post closely- you’ll see I no longer recommend MRC. It ruined my metabolism and I think they push so many supplements. I would recommend looking into something more sustainable. I think 7 lbs is great! It seems like you don’t have much weight to lose, so it’s going to be a slower loss. Take care of yourself!

    • Hi Stephanie,
      I have lost 75 lbs to date. I have not bought all the extra supplements they offer. They are hard-core sales people. I am looking to lose an additional 25 lbs but I feel great and have gotten a lot healthier. My cholesterol levels were very high before I started and my blood sugar was “prediabetic”. Now I am much lower. I am looking for replacement supplements so I can break away from the expensive MRC stuff. I think I’ll check out the Nashua Nutrition for replacement protein drinks.

  15. Brittney,

    I have been on MRC for 3 weeks and only lost 6.5 lbs along with 16.23 inches.
    I am taking a ton of the supplement pills right now. I am not a fan of pills at all. Did you feel they really helped you? I prefer to take as few as possible, but not sure which ones to cut out.
    I am thinking of doing a little modification with food, too. Maybe trying some different carbs than those listed. I don’t want that fast gain after program when you add carbs back into your diet. Comments?

    I don’t want to just throw my money away, but I also know I will not eat like this forever. Any comments are welcome.

    • If you read my edit to this post, I feel that MRC is NOT a healthy way to lose weight. I think in the long run, it damaged my metabolism and was harmful to my long term health. I’ve found other ways to lose weight that I feel are better for my body. I think the supplements are a way to get you to keep spending money in hopes of losing.

  16. Hi! I know this an old post but I wondering if you can share any info on the stabilization and maintenance portions of MRC. I did MRC, in Florida, back in 2002-2003 and I lost a significant amount of weight. I got the flu though and when I threw up the protein supplements I just couldn’t go back to it and I never made it to the stabilization and maintenance portions. I still have my sheets and cookbook from years ago. Now, years later, I see you can buy the supplements online and did, but I don’t want the same thing to happen once I get to that portion.

    • I honestly never got there. I had lost all the weight I wanted, but they thought I needed to lost 20 more, so no one would move me over. If you read the entire post, I don’t really condone the diet after being on it in hindsight- they were pushing supplements, and it was too low calorie and caused some metabolic damage long term. SO I have no advice on moving on from the actually diet phase. Best wishes on whatever you decide!

  17. Thanks Brittney. Yeah I’ve made some modifications. That was 17 years ago, and I’ve since learned a lot more about weight loss and what works and what doesn’t. There isn’t quite enough food, so I don’t always follow the ONLY 4 oz. and I have a snack sometimes that is not JUST the supplement. All the extra supplements are pretty silly. The rest of them, meh. I do take the MRC-6 pills, but I think any apple cider supplement would work. The protein drinks are really what help. I suppose I’ll just introduce carbs more slowly.

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