ZUMBA! Do What You Love

Kelly over at is doing Show Us Your Life- Diets and Excercise. I have always struggled with weight and still go up and down.

I recently did Nutrisystem. I was wildly sucessful by diet standards. It was easy to do, the food wasn’t too bad, and I lost about 10 pounds per month. But I stopped doing it and gained some of it back. Boo on that.

I think my latest trick that has been working is to work out. Over Christmas break, mom and I went to a gym and I did some interval training. That is where on the treadmill, you walk some, run some, walk some, run some. I started doing 40 second intervals (walk for 40 sec, run for 40 sec….) and worked up to like 1 minute 40 sec intervals. It felt good and boy does it burn calories!

Now that I’m back in Fay, I go to different workout classes at the HPER. I LOVE classes that make me feel like I’m having fun. My fave is zumba. Its latin dance aerobics, and I hardly realize I’m working out until the sweat starts pouring. I think the key to working out is to find what you enjoy. I don’t really like to run or lift weights, but I know others that love to run and Tyler loves lifting. So find what you like and stick to it. Its ok to try the other stuff, but don’t force yourself. When you force yourself into an activity you don’t like, that is when you stop working out. So find what it is you enjoy and stay active!


  1. Zumba is so fun..I did that for a while and I need to start back again.

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