Dining Room Table

So I got sooo much done yesterday!

I started out EARLY in the morning at the hospital in Fort Smith getting CPR certified. I am teaching Zumba at the hospital’s health center. And because its a hospital, they have several “checkpoints” for all employees- clinical or not. CPR certified, TB test, orientation on HIPPA laws and such. I am familiar with all of this as I worked at a hospital here in Fayetteville for an internship and had to do all that- except the CPR part. So I started off the day doing tons of chest compressions! I even have a bruise on my hand and my jaw hurt from blowing “rescue breaths” so many times! Its hard work saving a life! ha!

But thankfully, the training went short and ended at 10:30. So I set off on errand running. I picked out light fixtures for the house, had samples of wood stained so I could decide on cabinet colors, and went on a search for flooring.

There is one place where my mother-in-law Nancy told me to check. I went in this place, and unfortunately they no longer sold flooring…but they did do furniture consignment. And I found a dining room table! 🙂

I want an 8-10 seater table for our dining room..but they are soo expensive and its really something we would like to upgrade to in a few years. But we can’t just leave our dining room empty for years….but no worries….I found this!

(these are phone pics…and I can’t rotate the chair) But this is the back of the chair. Its so funky and unique! Its a dark wood with a black glaze on it!

And this is the table (with the glare from the sun). Its got big, chunky legs and has a dark brown top with a black glazed apron and legs. And the chair fabric is teal, lime, turqoise and tanish brown. It will go GREAT with my Fiesta colors!

I got this whole set for $350…compared to $1500 for the set I found online I love. Yay for saving money and finding something just as cool. I actually really like that this is “previously loved” because it gives it character and a story. I can’t wait to add to its story by putting it in our dining room!

Yesterday I also got the FINAL copy of my thesis printed! Woohoo! I’m turning it in today…and I have officially completed all work for grad school! I only have to give my speech classes their finals…and wait for graduation!


  1. Love this!!!

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