Dining Room

The dining room is my favorite place in the house. Probably because it houses all my beloved Fiestaware.

This is from the breezeway in the kitchen/living area.
Close-up of the table. I got this table second hand at a local shop.  They take old furniture and refinish it.  I LOVE this table (and the price was so good I almost stole it!).  I am not 100% in love with the fabric on the chairs…so I might recover them someday in a solid so my colorful Fiesta shines!  I love the detail on the backs of the chairs and the legs of the table and chairs.  They are so unique!
Behind one side of the table is our wedding picture. I feel like every family has a wedding photo in the dining room.
Behind the other side are my Fiesta canvases.
And this is my favorite! My Fiesta shelves! These cabinets are custom and the shelves are adjustable, but I kind of like the cube look. I LOVE seeing all my Fiesta on display and can’t wait to add to it!
Updated Fiestaware pic (I’ve acquired more since I first posted this!)

Updated June 2012

This is the end of the room leading out. There is no door, just a wide breezeway leading to the kitchen/living area.

The older table setting looking back into the kitchen/living area.

This is the current table as of June 2012

When you coming over for dinner?


  1. wow you have LOTS of Fiesta!

  2. Yeah I do! I started collecting when I had bridal showers and such…and got so much as gifts for the wedding…and then got some for every birthday and Christmas since then. Its so fun to collect!

  3. i love that you have all that FIESTA WARE!! it makes me HAPPY too. you’re such great FUN! hope you’re doing well 🙂

  4. Fiesta ware makes me happy! I use it too and love setting a colorful table (and I never allow someone to have two of the same color during a meal! Lol!).

    • Tracy- I make everyone mix it up too! I go so far that in a stack of plates and bowls that we will use for a meal, that I make the colors varied in the stack so that as they pick up the next available plate and bowl that they are two different colors! ha!

  5. Wow, so colourful! Really adds some fun to your dining room! I’ve never heard of a ‘breezeway’ before though… I’m in the UK which may be why!

  6. I love all the Fiestaware! So fun!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Fiesta Ware display!! We use our colorful dishes for every day, and it’s so fun! I wish I had some canvases of Fiesta Ware! They are amazing!

    • I just searched online for Fiestaware images that were high quality (found most of them on sites like Flickr) and then had them printed on canvases. You could take your own pictures, too!

  8. Love the Fiesta wear — Ihave 8 place settings, but no serving pieces yet… one day!!

    houston texas
    over from Kelly’s Korner

  9. Fiestaware is my new thing to drool over. We only have one set of dishes so I’m trying to convince my husband that Fiestaware is a great addition to our house! Ha!

    As you can tell I am a few weeks behind on my blog reading 🙂

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