Ditch the Bottled Water

Ditch the Bottled Water

I got this product free from Influenster.

I drink a lot of water.  Like 100 ounces a day.  I don’t like buying water bottles.  They are expensive and damaging to the environment.  So I mostly drink tap water.  I’m not a water snob.  As long as it doesn’t smell funny (I’m looking at you Greenwood water!), I can drink it.

So when Influenster sent me the PUR MaxION pitcher, I was interested.  Would it make a difference?  Well, yes it did!

My water was so crisp! It tasted like high end bottled water! Right out of the tap!

I filmed the unboxing, set up and taste testing. My first vlog!


And this thing holds 11 cups of water- which is around 88 ounces – which is around what I would drink in a day.  So it’s perfect for me.  It looks online like they also have smaller pitchers, faucet filters, and even an 18 cup pitcher.

I’m loving it! Cheers to health!

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