Do Not Disturb!

You know how yesterday I said I was tired,

well last night was like the worst night of sleep in a while.

I was tired (like I said) so I went to bed about 10:15. Tyler was still out at the RC track (yes I have lost my husband to remote controlled cars. I don’t complain, they make him happy. I’m glad he has hobbies. And I can do things like sew, watch trashy TV, and eat ice cream when he spends his evenings at the track!). Well, Tyler eventually did come home (He loves me! He really loves me!) around midnight. So I woke up to the dog barking when he came home…and talked to him for a few minutes before rolling back to sleep. (This was sleep disturbance #1).

Well Tyler decided to shower and check a few things on the computer before coming to bed….so he finally came to bed around 1:30…which woke me up. (sleep disturbance #2).

About 3:45 a.m., I heard what sounded like whimpering and crying. I woke up. Tyler was on the edge of bed trying his hardest to be quiet, but had a terrible calf cramp. Once he realized I was awake, he really let it out and howled and cried and wailed for about 10 minutes before the cramp went away. We tried everything. I had leg cramps in the middle of the night in college and I knew to try to stretch, to press your hands together to move the bloodflow to your hands and away from your legs, to massage the leg, to put your hands over your head (again to move the bloodflow)….we tried everything. Everything only made it worse. It was the longest leg cramp I have ever seen! For over 10 minutes my poor boy just cried. When it finally went away he was so worried if he moved his leg it would come back…so I’m not sure if he got much more sleep after that. (that was sleep disturbance #3…and a rather traumatic one).

I went back to sleep for about another hour and a half, but Fridays are my early day to work….so I got up about 6:15 to shower and get ready. So I’m tired today! I really need to start cleaning and baking for the party…but I might just nap when I get home! ha!

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