Donut Showdown

Donut Showdown

Our small team hosting a Donut Showdown for our entire 70 person team.

We bought 1 dozen glazed donuts from 9 different places in town (should have been 10, but one place doesn’t make glazed donuts).

We cut them into quarters and put them on numbered plates (so it was a blind taste test).


Everyone came and sampled donuts. Most people marked around a plate (sort of like a clock), and took them back to their desks.  Some pieces weren’t worth taking a second bite of (seriously bad!), but a few were standouts.


We had them vote on overall best, overall worst, and best glaze. It as a tight race for best! Only one vote separating the winner and the two runners up.  There was one donut that was most polarizing- it was 3rd place for best AND worst.

And the two worst spots were clear- they got TONS of votes.

Just a fun thing to do at work, and interesting to find the best donuts in town!

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