The Downside to Weight Loss

I used to only be able to buy cute clothes here and there. Some stores were like old faithfuls for me: Old Navy, New York and Co., Ann Taylor. But no boutique shopping for my big butt! 🙂

Well, now that I have lost weight, I can boutique shop again (which I know I’ve posted about before). Well this morning, a local boutique posted pics on their Facebook page and I fell in love! I ran over there at lunch and bought these cuties!

I can’t wait to wear this once it cools off a bit with some booties or knee high boots!
Ah its so cute! (all the photos are from their Facebook pages…this is from Belle)
And I might just wear this to a wedding this weekend. The flower is removeable…and I think it will be so cute with a belt. And PERFECT for an Arkansas football game!
I also ordered this by mail last week from a boutique in Fayetteville I follow on Facebook. They are awesome because they post pics and you comment if you want them. They either hold them for you until closing the next day (if you are local) or ship them for $5! I LOVED this shirt and got so many compliments on it! (this was from RiffRaff)

And the back is just like this green one…(except its pink, duh!)

So what’s the downside, you ask?

So the downside to losing weight is spending money on cute clothes I can fit into! 🙂

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