Dropping your baby off at daycare

Dropping your baby off at daycare

Back when I was 25 or so weeks pregnant, we toured daycare facilities.  We went one afternoon after work and hit our “top 3” (based on location, mostly) without prior notice.  I liked the idea that we would just show up and see how things were.

One place was nice, but seemed too stuffy.  Too political.  A little too fancy.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the beautiful murals on the walls and the fancy music class and the baby sign language. But it wasn’t the right fit.

Another place felt all wrong from the start.  The workers were a little too lax (wearing pajamas!! and it wasn’t a pajama day) and I just wasn’t at ease.

But then, in true Goldie Locks fashion, we found the one that was just right.  We ended up at a place where Tyler actually went as a child. The same woman still runs it, and several of the same workers are there (yes, 25+ years later!). It’s not new with all the bells and whistles. But it’s clean and the kids looked loved. I felt at ease. I actually cried when we left because I realized these would be the people to care for our sweet baby.

Fast forward to her arrival. We continued to just drop in a few times and I always found the kids to be clean and happy and the teachers attentive. I felt great about our choice. I loved that I saw the teachers playing with the kids, doing silly dances. I love that an older lady makes all their food from scratch every day.

And then the first day came. I still felt a peace about her going. Remi was ready. She reaches out for other kiddos, she loves watching them play in the nursery at church. But it was a little hard.

Walking her in, handing her to a “stranger” (yes, I had met the teacher before, but ya know. She wasn’t family), and then driving away. I cried. I prayed that they would form a bond and that the teachers would care for her and figure her out quickly.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  The sweet teachers (there are 4 different ones in her room) all sent me texts and pictures on the first day, reassuring me that she was doing great. They helped me know that we made the right choice.

And you know what? Nothing was sweeter than the smile I got when I picked her up.

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