Early Christmas Present

So I love the new short booties that are in style right now! I didn’t think that style was for me, but I found a cute pair at TJ Maxx and I LOVE them! The only problem is, they are grey….and I really needed black ones to go with more. So I have been looking for some black ones that are similar to my grey ones. My grey ones are a shorter, wider heel and I can literally wear them all day without them hurting.
I was on Zappos the other night looking at some booties, and saw these (Gabriella Rocha Lynge)
And I mentioned out loud to Tyler that I wanted to order them…and he said, “Order them from me for Christmas. Since you want them…and I know I’ll never be able to find them myself.” haha So I ordered them…and they came in today! Tyler isn’t making me wait until Christmas to have them, so I can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow!
Yay for early Christmas presents and a wonderful husband who blessed me with a gift I really wanted!

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