Weekend Recap: Easter Fun

Weekend Recap: Easter Fun

We had a great weekend.  I saw “we” but mostly, it was me and the dogs. 🙂  Poor Tyler is working weekends, so while he is around in the evenings, he is pretty pooped.  So I’m on my own during the days.

I got up Saturday morning with Tyler’s EARLY alarm. Wah wah wah.  (also Sunday and Monday…let’s pray I start sleeping through it again soon!).

I made the most of the morning and went to the farmer’s market and produce stand.  I was able to get 3 of the things on my list from Friday: I got some rosemary (to plant, hooray!), some bok choy to try, some flowers, and also some parsley and cookies.

I came home and headed to Easter choir practice.  I have done so much singing the last few days, it’s a wonder I have a voice left! ha!

The weather was beautiful Saturday, so when I got home from choir, I took the dogs on a walk.  Thankfully, the big mean dogs down the road were gated up, so we were able to take my favorite route.

Aren’t my farmers market tulips pretty?  $5 bouquet, y’all.

And this pretty rosemary will get planted this week.

Saturday night, we chilled at home and watched a movie….and Sunday was Easter.

Tyler was working, so I greeted at both services and sang in the choir.  I came home, had lunch with my parents and Gram, took a quick nap, and then we had a disaster as we were prepping for Easter dinner (which I’ll blog about tomorrow).

The weekend was lovely, restorative, and a great time reflecting on family, love, grace, and the gift of salvation from Jesus.


  1. Is that a double leash? If so, genius idea!

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