Ed Sheeran in KC

Ed Sheeran in KC

A sweet friend at work always talks to me about concerts. She is ALWAYS seeing shows and knows I love live music (just not currently in a season to go all the time).

Well, she won 4 tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Kansas City and GAVE ME TWO OF THEM.

It wasn’t the most ideal weekend, and I had to make plans short notice, but I made it work.

Mom and I set out on Saturday late morning headed to Kansas City.  It’s not a bad drive- around 4.5 hours.


Well 2 hours in, a warning light came on. I had a bad feeling and had mom look it up in my owner’s manual. Well, it was a bad light- a “pull over immediately” light for my hybrid system.

We were about 30 minutes from Joplin, so I called their Toyota dealership and they were able to get us in.  They were THE MOST HELPFUL WONDERFUL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. SHOUT OUT TO FLETCHER TOYOTA IN JOPLIN.

We had to wait a bit while they checked it out, and they told us they might not get it fixed on Saturday- so they gave us a loaner car!

I left ole Percy the Prius in this state and drove away.

We made it to Kansas City at 6, and the show started at 7. We were “only” 15 minutes away, but with 50,000 people going to the show, we knew traffic would be bad.  My friend Laura and her sister were already there, so we took an Uber to the show and it was an adventure.

Traffic was CRAZY, so we kept rerouting. She got us close, but we hopped out and finished walking, since we could go faster on foot than in the car.  We had to hop a fence, slide-walk down two muddy hills and get into the stadium.

We missed the first opening act, Lauv, but then caught up with Laura and her sister waiting on Snow Patrol, the second opening act.  Surprisingly, though they won the 4 tickets together, the seats weren’t together.

We got back to our seats in time for Ed Sheeran, and y’all.  He was AMAZING. I was a fan before, but after his show, I’m a super fan. He is so talented- he played EVERYTHING during the show using a loop pedal. He played guitar, bass and drums with his guitar, he recorded his background vocals and sang better than you hear on the radio.

It was amazing.

We were able to pick my car up on the way home Sunday after a quick breakfast at the hotel and stop by Trader Joe’s (a sweet service adviser met us even though the dealership was closed!) and got home Sunday afternoon.


The crazy trip was SO WORTH IT for the amazing show.

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