Eggs-tra Fun Easter

Eggs-tra Fun Easter

I know I already posted about the week leading up to Easter, but the weekend was just as fun!

Remi’s class at school had their egg hunt. It was raining, so they had to hunt inside, but I think the kids (and the teachers!) had fun regardless.

They always take fun pics at daycare, and I love her bunny shot!

Friday my mom took her to the nursing home for their egg hunt. Dad has pneumonia, so he didn’t participate much. But a bunch of residents were lined up outside holding eggs for the hunt. They loved watching the kids run around.

She would get close to the bunny, but there was NO going to the bunny. ha!

By her 3rd hunt, she was getting the hang of it.

The activity director, Jenah, was so sweet to Remi, taking pics of her.

We had a pretty normal Saturday (errands and playing), but Sunday was wonderful!

She wore last year’s Easter dress again. It was a bit cool and windy (and we got some rain) but it held off for some pics outside.

I was a greeter, so Remi helped me until Nancy got there. Then they went and played.  The nursery had moved a few toys to the lobby (our Easter service is at the Performing Arts Center) and Remi just HAD to get in the police cruiser.

The service was assisted by a pouch, snacks and milk. She’s a busy girl so staying still and quiet for an hour was a feat.

We missed Tyler at church, but I was glad we were all together.

Once he got home, some more family came over for a low-key dinner and playing together.

It was a blessed day, for sure!

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