Ello Govna!

Ello Govna!

Yesterday I went to the Governor’s Mansion for a luncheon and it was awesome.

It was a luncheon for a work event- a Better Business Bureau awards event and we were up for an award (which we won! woohoo!).  A group of 8 of us from work went to represent our company and I got to go since I worked on our award entry.  I’m so honored that I got to go and visit the Governor’s Mansion.  I actually got to meet the Governor, hear him speak, and see the beautiful grounds.

Let’s start with the important (but blurry) details.  What I wore.  I wore my new clearance maxi skirt.  Erika commented about tops with maxi skirts.  I wore a ruffle tank topped with a collarless blazer. The blurry tank.

And the whole look.

Closer for detail. 🙂

The venue at the Governor’s Mansion is BEAUTIFUL.  And the food and servers were awesome.

I loved the staircase with the names of the Governors past.

A newscaster from Central Arkansas, Jason Pederson, was the emcee. I grew up watching him and I fangirled a little seeing him there. ha!


Then Governor Asa Hutchinson spoke.


I loved the Lenox State of Arkansas China. Nice touch.



Our team with our award we won!



And some of us met the Governor! 🙂


After the ceremony, we walked around the beautiful grounds, landscaped by Arkansan P. Allen Smith. So beautiful.

It was a quick trip to Little Rock and back, but a fun day!


  1. Ooooh that looks so beautiful!!! What a gorgeous set-up!! And your outfit (and shirt!) are just perfect!!

    • It was so beautiful. The governor kept saying over and over that the state of Arkansas has blessed them with a lovely home. It was so true! And thanks! I felt like twirling in my outfit! 🙂 The shirt will be my go-to with maxi skirts all summer!

  2. We had a formal there in college and we had to be out by a very specific time because the Governor’s granddaughter was going to have a sleepover there and they were going to do mattress surfing down that staircase like in the Princess Diaries 2 haha!

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