Enjoying Dogwood Canyon

Enjoying Dogwood Canyon

After we checked out on Friday, we drove to Dogwood Canyon to spend the day.

Tyler and Nancy headed out on a guided trout fishing tour, while me, Remi and mom went on a tram ride!

They had a successful fishing day for sure.

It’s such a beautiful place! All the waterfalls and the streams are so relaxing.

Mom and Remi explored the treehouse while we waited for our tram.

The tram takes you all through the park, stopping a few places. One of Remi’s favorite stops was feeding the fish at the glory hole! Trout everywhere!

I LOVED spending the weekend with my family, especially this big girl! She was a delight all week. She dealt with disappointments (like the Disney store being closed) and long days like a champ. She was so fun to be with!

The tram also takes you back to see the animals- elk and bison. They were moving around a lot since it wasn’t too hot.

We had more time to kill before Ty and Nancy were done fishing, so we rented bikes and rode for about an hour. We went down to the big waterfall and back.

Remi slept almost the whole way home after this busy day and long week! It was a GREAT vacation!

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