Epic Crash

My husband had an epic dirt bike crash this weekend. Luckily, he is fine. But let me tell you about how we get there.
So Saturday I went to work with him, like I do most Saturdays. It is fun to be there, help, and nice to spend extra time with him. Well, he remembered that on Sunday, there were some dirt bike races in town…and he and his mechanic, JJ, thought about them all day.

These guys are not good enough riders to ride in the big boy races (the big bikes and the adults), so they decided to ride pit bikes (smaller bikes you might see children on).

Tyler on a pit bike at the race. Its mini.
Pit bikes, however, are usually ridden by adults. So they spent late Saturday and early Sunday morning souping up their new pit bikes. These bikes were just out of the crate new, so there was work to be done. Sweet JJ, the mechanic, put it like 8 hours getting these bikes ready.

So we hauled over to the race (which thankfully, was in the same town as Ty’s shop…so we didn’t have far to go), and signed them up for the race. Me, Ty’s mom, his uncle and two nieces all came out to watch.

The track and arena.
We watched them (and every other rider) do the two rounds of warmups…then the races began. There were two rounds of races, with the second race being the one determining the winners.

During the first real race (which was pretty much another warm up, since it didn’t matter what place you came in) Tyler was dragging behind. He is a bigger guy, and his weight was keeping him down. And one guy in the race was coming around the track about to lap Tyler. He got nervous. He knew he wouldn’t win, but he didn’t want to get lapped. So he stepped on it, so to speak.

Well, he got too carried away, and went head over the handlebars over a bump in the track. I gasped as I watched my husband tumble off a dirt bike onto the ground. His legs were sore from all the riding, so as he stood up, he wobbled and kind of fell again. Gasp again. I thought he had injured his head or spine from the wobbly stand.

But he was fine. He did break his bike pretty good (tail section plastics, clutch lever, and some other stuff I didn’t know what it was), but he was fine.

Not sure we will be racing again anytime soon. And I’m glad for that.

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