Evening at the Pond

Wednesday after dinner, they were showing something on the Olympics that we weren’t totally into, so Tyler wanted to walk down to the pond and try out a toy.
Funny story about this little RC boat.  He had it as a child, but didn’t have anywhere to play with it.  So he gave it to a family friend to use in their pool.  They were moving a couple weeks ago and found it and gave it back to Tyler!  Now that he is totally into RC stuff, he got it running (and is trying to soup it up!) so he wanted to drive it!
We liveon 20 acres, and the pond is down the hill from our house.  Aside from lots of grasshoppers jumping, it was really nice out there.  We don’t walk down there often because, honestly, we have no reason to.  It was fun.
Boys and their toys!
God painted this masterpiece for us!

This view shows our house on the right.  We are quite a ways away and quite downhill from the house.  We have a beautiful view of the pond from our back door in the kitchen.  We put in a sliding glass door so we could have a clear view.

While our area is under a drought advisory, we have actually gotten quite a bit of rain in the last couple weeks.  And because the pond is the low point, all the water drains there…so the pond is pretty full. 

This was a random night for us, but a good one!


  1. Your husband and mine could quite possibly be brothers! Ha! Mine has an RC boat… it has died many times out in the middle of a pond and he has waded out to fetch it, ha! Good times!

    And I LOVE your view! Country livin’ is the best!

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