Exciting Week Update

Ok, so I feel like I can talk about it now.

Here is what made last week so exciting…

I get emails from careerbuilder.com for the Fort Smith area. We will be living there next year and I’m curious as to what jobs come up. Well, one job popped up last Monday for a “Digital Marketing Manager” at a major car dealership in Fort Smith. If you know me, you know I LOVE anything online, and that in college, I took classes that talked about online marketing and we actually learned about this stuff. The emphasis of my entire Master’s program has been stuff online (researching gendered blogging, marriage portrayals on the Internet, blogging as a mass medium, mommy blogs, I could go on…). Needless to say, this job was PERFECT. I spent a few hours lamenting about how “it is so dumb that I’m still in grad school…I wish I was done so I could apply for this job…blah blah blah” Then I prayed for God to change my attitude. Instead of an attitude change, I felt like God was saying, “Why not now? Go for it.”

So I sent in my resume with a cover letter explaining that I was a full-time grad student, but I would be willing to do this job part time until I graduated in May. I didn’t expect to hear anything back.

But I heard back within a day and had my first interview last week. My interview was 2 hours long, and I met with the General Manager and the Owner. We had a great chat. Then I got an email back to come meet with another manager today and that meeting went well.

I won’t say I’ve got it in the bag, but I think we all had the same ideas and goals in mind, and I think they are willing to work around my schedule.

I know this would result in a very busy next few months. I would be in Fort Smith whenever I wasn’t in Fayetteville. But this would result in me graduating with a great job that pays well, and that I’m actually qualified for and would love to do. It would be a blessing.

God is faithful, and I know that He gave me the courage and confidence to apply for this job, and He will give me the time and the sanity to make it all work, if this works out.

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