Ya’ll I feel soo expensive today!
Let me explain…
Ya’ll know I love Rue La La (to read my post about it go here)…(to sign up to shop go here).
Well today I wearing two pieces I got from Rue La La that were VERY expensive originally, but I got for a steal!
I got these Betsey Johnson earrings (normally like $60 earrings) for less than $20!  They are a flower at the top, and then the little drop leopard pendant is actually attached to the earring back!  So unique!
But the best part of today’s outfit is my Leifsdottir sweater.  I had never heard of this brand, but apparently its really high end.  I saw some of it for sale on Anthro and other upscale-ish places online.
This was the tag that came on the sweater. (in case you can’t read it… the suggested retail is $248.00!!!!)
I got it for $39.  Amazing.
Here is my ensemble today (taken on self-timer in my office this morning because I’m classy like that!).  The sweater is assymetrical and so unique (and its a medium…Hey Medium Hey!  Goodbye Larges!)
So in sum, you should sign up for Rue La La.  Its free to sign up and browse.  You don’t give them a credit card or anything until you want to buy something.  (and shipping is $10 once…but then you get free shipping for 30 days.  So if you buy 10 things in 30 days…which I might have done before…you get it all for $10 shipping).  Its so great!  Check out Rue La La.  My closet (and wallet) are much happier for it.


  1. CUTE!! you look great! =)

  2. Cute! Very unique earrings! Now, get back to work! HA!

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