Exploring Mt. Nebo

Exploring Mt. Nebo

As we approached the weekend, the weather looked BEAUTIFUL, so we decided to go back to our “quarantine roots” and have a family adventure day. Not all the things that came out of the pandemic were bad! haha

We decided to drive about 1.5 hours to Mt. Nebo State Park. My mom had been hiking up here once, but the rest of us had never been. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS.

A beautiful clear day where it felt like you could see all 4 corners of the state. The weather was perfect- sunny and cool (if not a bit too much so with the wind). We never broke a sweat.

We started with a trip to the visitor’s center then a picnic. And to get Remi excited to be there, we hit up the campground playground (which was SO nice!).

Then we did some exploring around Sunset Point and hiked a bit of the Rim Trail. The trail was VERY nice- clear and easy. But we had promised Remi we wouldn’t hike too much (she is a bit timid after our 2+ mile trip at Lake Catherine), so we didn’t want to push her too much.

We turned around at a Stone Bridge, but before we hiked back, we did some playing in the water.

We went back to the playground for one more bit of fun, and then we stopped at the bench overlook on our way out.

It was a gorgeous state park with amazing views and wonderful amenities. 10/10!

On our way down the mountain, we were hungry, so we ate dinner in Dardenelle at Bocadillo’s. It was a Mexican restaurant that also served amazing homemade ice cream. Remi, of course, spotted the Cookie Monster blue ice cream.

And mom and I shared a churro dog with a homemade churro on a chocolate-dipped hot dog bun! It was all so good!

On our drive home, we drove through some smoke from a controlled burn and it made for a lovely sunset. The sun was just HUGE and red.

We got home and everyone crashed. Remi had skipped nap (and had soccer that morning, so a very full day!), and she went right to bed.

It was a fabulous day exploring Arkansas!

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