Exploring Robber’s Cave

Exploring Robber’s Cave

I’ve been to Robber’s Cave State Park in Oklahoma several times when Nancy was camping there (it’s only about an hour away, so we would often drive over and hang out), but I had never seen the actual main attraction.

It’s a HUGE set of rocks and caves just off the parking lot. We spent a couple hours here climbing up and over and just exploring. I wasn’t wearing great shoes for the slick sandstone, so there were a few times I let Tyler and Remi explore while I watched…but it was so fun!

Tyler look this from up above one rock formation. It’s just HUGE rocks all over that you can climb and scramble over (some made more climbable stairs…but if you know our family, you know they didn’t always prefer that route).

There were some gorgeous views from above!

Tyler helped Remi down into the actual cave. She loved that. He makes her so brave! Always proud of her for trying new things and doing things that are hard.

There were some narrow passageways through the formations which were fun to go through!

It was a neat place to visit!

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