Extra Fun

Extra Fun

Tyler was gone for a training, so I got some extra Remi one-on-one time, and Tyler also got some extra time off (in exchange for the time spent training out of town).  Fun all around.

We got to go to church together as a family TWICE.  What a treat.

We took a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

While Daddy was gone, we went on some evening walks (a nice way to keep a busy toddler contained!) and I picked her a flower. She was very proud and very sweetly kept saying “fwower” until she tried to eat it and I took it away. ha!

She had her 4th of July party at school.  Y’all.  She does this weird thing when you tell her to “cheese” and it makes me laugh.

We ate out for dinner a couple nights and she was just a sweet girl.  She enjoyed dipping her chicken strips at Slim’s.

When Daddy got home, he got LOTS of snuggles and giggles.

He had the Saturday off, and there was a police and fire picnic, so we all went and had a great time. Remi played, we all ate free snow cones and a great lunch!

She was pretty into the softball game as well.  Very intense! (And police won! yay!)

Sunday we headed to church together again.

Then we went to grandpa’s for an afternoon visit.  She wore his boots and LOVED it.  We are really into boots right now.

She wanted to play outside, and thankfully, Gigi had brought her bubble mower. She was pretty excited to mow grandpas lawn.

Then she had her snack in Papa’s lap.  She liked that a lot too.

I snagged this week picture of the family- 4 generations- on our way out.

And one more for good measure- she had to dress patriotic for her day at school before the 4th!

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