Facing the Music (and the scale)

I’ve posted in the last few months some about gaining weight…but it’s true.  It’s also time to face the music.  Not necessarily because it’s January (the ultimate time to lose weight and start being healthy), but because the holidays are over..and those were a HUGE hurdle to me.

But I want to be honest and open about the challenges of 2013.

2013 started off well.  I was working hard losing weight for our cruise and I felt great on vacation. I wore my bikini and danced around the boat like I owned the joint.

And to be honest, it sort of went downhill from there.  At the end of February, Tyler sold his business. It was a great business move, but it sort of felt like my world crumbled.  I hate to make excuses, but this was the ocean I was swimming in.  I didn’t feel overwhelmed because of finances (thankfully, we are ok there), but just because of a HUGE life change, identity change, and a lack of schedule and normalcy.  It sort of felt like everything “normal” in my life fell apart in a strange way.  Like, life was full of happy things and good times, but there were also times of great frustration, worry, anger, stress, and other bad emotions.  And the lack of structure meant lots of things:

It meant eating out more. Tyler could meet me for lunch or dinner in town…we did lots of cooking big meals at home together, lots of traveling and eating….lots of eating.  Eating out of stress.  Eating crap because I didn’t feel like I had the mental energy to meal plan.  Eating huge meals because we could.

We did some working out.  I mean, I did 13 races and a triathlon last year.  Tyler and I did lots of workouts together.  But it didn’t matter in the grand scheme.  My life got hectic and I let eating healthy slip.

And I’m (gulp) 20 pounds heavier than I was this time last year.


That really hurts.  It makes me sad.  It makes me angry.  It makes me frustrated.  And it scares me. I can’t have another year like that.

I’m taking control.  I’m going to forgive myself and move on.  That number is just a number.  It doesn’t measure the fun I had last year, the memories I made, or the great things I did.  It does however mean my pants are tight. 🙂

I have done MANY things attempting to be healthy over the years….from low calorie, low carb, high protein, tons of stuff.   I’m going to do the Daniel Plan at church (which is about eating whole healthy foods and living a healthy life)…but no matter what I attempt, these are some January goals:

  • Morning workouts.  I was going to boot camp early last year at the gym…but getting ready there was too stressful.  So I’m attempting working out at home.  Whether it’s a DVD or just some weights, I’m going to do more of that.
  • Eating better.  Planning, making conscious choices, passing up on every treat, choosing healthy foods.  Nothing crazy.
  • Additional workouts.  From walking at lunch, to my Friday afternoon workouts, to getting back at running (which I haven’t done since my last race of 2013!)….I’m going to move more.

    I have weighed and measured and I’m ready to track progress.  This has never been a full-out weight loss blog, but I am ready to get serious about my health again.  I just sort of let that part slip last year while I dealt with life. Not anymore.  

    It’s so cliche to do this at the start of a new year, but I am pledging to myself that 2014 will mean not letting these life stresses rule my life. I’m going to work hard for me.


    1. I’m proud of you!!! And I feel like being public and SAYING you’re going to do it goes a long way towards holding yourself responsible! I know that I’m more likely to work out if I tell people I am and then have people checking in on me, asking how it’s going…I hate saying “oh, yeah, I’ve been slacking for 3 weeks…” so I’ll be sure to do it just so that I can say I am!!! We’ll do it together, girl!!

    2. Way to go Brit! You can do it! You are so inspiring. After my err…surgery I’ve had zero motivation to workout besides teaching my class. I’ve put on weight as well and I feel bad, feel like I’ve cheated myself. Here’s to not letting the stress overtake us! Call me if you ever need a workout buddy!

    3. wow! 13 races and a triathlon!! that’s awesome, britt! if you can do that, you can do anything! seriously, that’s awesome.

      my parents have done the Daniel Plan, and they both really enjoy doing it together. they have both lost lots of weight through that plan. and they continue to go back to it when they take breaks. maybe ty will want to do it with you. it’s picky tho…you can’t even have coffee. ahhh i couldn’t do that. LOL

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