Faith Drives Out Fear

This past Sunday at church, our pastor Bro. Ronnie gave an amazing message on fear.

He has done a series on overcoming…and this week was overcoming fear.

He spoke about common fears: public speaking, snakes, failure, dying…but he said ultimately, we all have fears.

Long-term fears (like spiders) that haunt us.  Short term fears (like the safely of our children while they are away for a weekend…or getting the house clean before company comes…or whatever).  These fears can seem big, small, insignificant…but in the long run…these fears stop us from fulling trusting God.

God challenges us to be strong and courageous many, many times in the Bible.  Bro. Ronnie said “fear not” or “do not be afraid” or some other anti-fear command appears in the Bible 365 times (one for each day!) but he also said that many of those “fear nots” come with a “I am with you.”  The Lord promises to go with us in all things (big, small, insignificant) and therefore we can take courage in that.

He also explained that “be strong and courageous” really means “be strong IN your courage”  We hold fast to the courage that the Lord gives us.

We watched a video of a man in our church who lost his wife to cancer.  This video was a very touching video of the man speaking about confronting his fear of losing his wife, her confronting her fear of treatment, and ultimately, him getting through his new fears of being alone…all with God.  This man and his wife claimed scripture over their lives, and faced their battles with the courage of the Lord.

Ultimately, we overcome because of Christ.  We belive in Jesus, He overcame the world, and He lives in us.  He goes with us in all these situations, and we can take courage in that.

We looked at Deuteronomy and Joshua where over and over God tells him “Be strong and courageous, for the Lord goes with you wherever you go.”

I don’t know what fears you are facing now…but take heart, friend!  The Lord is there with you and His presence gives us the courage we need to face those fears!  God doesn’t promise for our lives to be easy, but He promises never to leave us!

*if you want to hear this message, our associate pastor, Jeff, preached this message and its online.  This isn’t the exact sermon I heard Sunday…but Jeff preaches at our contemporary service.  The message is the same.  Let God speak to you!  Hear it here: Jeff’s sermon.*


  1. Recently when I have fear in my heart or I feel scared, I just say to myself “Trust in God” and I say a quick prayer. It helps to ease any anxieties and it helps me to just trust God.

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