Fall Fashion and Decorating

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Fall is my favorite.  Like, I know lots of people say that, but I really mean it.  I get quite antsy at the end of August/beginning of September just waiting for Fall.  I’m sure you love the same things about Fall that I do: pumpkin everything, cooler weather (which here in Arkansas means temps in the 80s instead of 90s!), boots, football (although maybe not this year!), and fun events.
I love fall fashion.  Breaking out the boots, scarves, and pretty dresses makes me happy.
For boots, I usually have issues.  See, I have big calves.  I have to buy what they call “wide shaft” boots. I used to buy from Zappos (a company I LOVE!) but their boots were a little on the pricey side.  I found OneStopPlus.com, and they carry wide boots from several e-commerce sites all in one spot…so I buy from them quite often.  Some of my favorite pairs are:
The Kayleigh – I have this pair and LOVE them!  The color is awesome and goes with everything!

Comfortview Sue High – These are so cute! Love the scrunched up look.

Cross Strap Leather Riding Boots – Love the riding boot look! So trendy!
For scarves, I use this graphic as my scarf tying Bible.

I love to buy scarves everywhere, but Forever 21 and Kohl’s are some of my fave spots. I mean, look at this screen grab from F21….SO MUCH CUTE!  And all around $10!

Now, let’s talk pretty dresses.  I am a HUGE fan of dresses for fall, especially when paired with boots and leggings. Here are some of the ones I’m loving right now (if only I had tons of disposable income to buy them all! Donations welcome! ha!)  

Oh how I love the subtle pleats and the gorgeous green color of this dress.

This beautiful mustard color would be awesome with some brown boots and a striped cardigan. Check it out here.

And OMG!  The ruffly detail and beautiful teal color?  Give me a jewel toned cardigan and some grey tights, LOVE it!  See it here. (PS.  It’s on sale!!)

As far as Fall decorating goes, I put some pumpkins out.  I love to go to Hobby Lobby and shop for punkins.

My favorite décor is to change my seasonal plates and my dining table.  I collect Fiestaware, so for each holiday, I just pull out the pieces that match and do my table.  

What are some of your favorite fall styles? And a bonus question to get to know you: if you could watch only one genre of movies forever….would it be scary movies or cartoons?


  1. Cartoons!!

  2. I don’t know if it’s just my heightened awareness or if EVERY woman over the age of 9 is wearing cowgirl boots right now. Loving mine and coveting many others that I see. I want the grey scrunchie boots and the teal dress please. I’ll take donations as well.

  3. Thanks for the scarf tutorial:) I need all the help I can get:)

  4. Thanks so much for the link for boots that may fit wide calves. Lots of us have that problem even if we aren’t overweight. My daughter has bought cheap boots and then slit the side and sewed elastic into them. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the demo on scarf tying. I’m terrible at that! Great post:))

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m out of town this week so I can’t visit all the blogs right now, but I hope to this weekend! Can’t wait to come to your neck of the interwebs. 🙂

  6. Love the scarf tying poster. I need that!! And oooh, I love those riding boots…and that 2nd dress! Be still my heart!!! 🙂

    I’d have to watch cartoons. I am a major scaredy-cat and I can’t do scary movies even though I’m on the downhill side of 40!! LOL

  7. Loving the scarf tutorial, I never know what to do! And I love your table and the colorful Fiestaware on the shelves.

  8. Love the boots you posted!!! Do you know of any sites/places to get brown boots like the Kayleigh at reasonable prices for those without wide calves? I really would like some boots like these!!

    • Lyndsey…those sites might have some at regular calf widths…but if not, I have found some boots at Francesca’s online for pretty fair prices. Good luck on your search!

  9. I think I saw that scarf tutorial on Pinterest. Will be useful as I try to incorporate scarves more often in my wardrobe!

    In answer to your question, cartoons. Hate scary movies.

  10. Thanks for sharing the scarf tying guide-so handy.

    hmmm…genre? Chick flicks for sure.

  11. I need to print that scarf-tying guide and keep it in my closet!

  12. I absolutely love the green dress! So pretty.

  13. love the boots!!

  14. I loved the Kayleigh boots that you posted. For reference do you know what the calf with is of them? My calves are huge from running and it’s tough to find boots for me.

    • Whitney…they have different calf sizes. Off-hand I think the W is like 15 or 16 inches and the WW is even more than that. I linked the boots, so you can click through and get the details there. I danced for years which is why my calves are ginormous..but I can find boots with some searching. Good luck!

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