Fall Festival Fun

Fall Festival Fun

While we were there to pass out candy, we took turns walking Remi around to have some fun.

We HAD to do the bouncy house. A few times.

She did love passing out candy. We found many people wearing masks there, which was great. While we didn’t (a combo of outdoors and trying to maintain a social distance behind our table), we appreciated those that did.

Tyler participated in a Twinkie Eating contest (yuck! He hate like 8.5 Twinkies!), and then they had a costume contest. They let anyone enter and it was cute to see the kids in their costumes.

Remi LOVED this rabbit (he was a Twitch or something?) and he actually won his age group. He should have with this homemade costume!

Remi was SO funny onstage doing this funny tight lipped smile. But then she took a bow and it was adorable.

Tyler and I both entered the adult category.

When they announced we had tied for the adult category, we took Remi on stage with us (because the kids had already won, and she didn’t win, so we let her get back on stage and get our award.

But then they announced the overall Mayor’s favorite, and she won! She was SO excited!

I’m so glad we decided to not only attend the fall festival, but to participate. It was a fun way to show off our costumes, interact with community (safely) and enjoy the day. Halloween on a Saturday was a marathon, so check back next time for the rest of the day!

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