Fall Fun

Fall Fun

It’s just the start of fall, but we’ve had SO MUCH fall fun already!

Remi had an apple party at school (the week of Johnny Appleseed Day) and she took this FUNNY picture.

None of the other kids bit the apples, but she did.  When my mom picked her up, she said, “Mimi, I bite apple!” so proud. Silly goose.


We went to the fall festival at Tyler’s school (he’s a school resource officer now) and had a BLAST. The high schoolers were so sweet to Remi, and it was set up as such a fun, free event.  Games, festival fun, bounce arounds….all free!

She finally LOVES the bouncey house.  She’s been unsure before, but was all in for this one.

She got some candy while playing games, got a tattoo on her hand and also got her first face painting.  She did so good sitting still!

Then we went to a tailgate and the homecoming game at Daddy’s school.  She LOVED watching the band- both at the festival and the tailgate.  Big live music fan, here.

She ate her hot dog, danced, played corn hole with the big kids, and was just so much fun. 

We had a bit of a problem finding a seat at the busy homecoming game (and not knowing the stadium).  We sat in the student section first, then accidentally went to some reserved seats.  Oops.  We settled in and watched kick-off, but then this girl was tired and asked to go home.  She can’t hang! (I can’t complain about my great sleeper!)

We’re having a great season already!

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