Fall is in the air!

I came to the shop today to work with Tyler. 1, because after work we are headed home to hang with my family over the holiday weekend. 2, because we have an appointment today to go look at some stuff together.

Well, usually at his shop in the mornings, once he moves lots of motorcycles outside, he comes back in dripping with sweat. But today, today, fall is in the air. My sweetie did not get nasty and sweaty first thing this morning. It is not hot inside the shop. In fact, we have the doors wide open letting in God’s air conditioning. I think it was cooler outside than it was in the shop when we first got here.

I am so thankful for cooler weather. That means we can go on bike rides together again, and I can walk outside before it gets dark. And maybe Laveda and I can start running outside instead of inside on the track. Fall also means…..

Football season! I CAN NOT wait for Razorback football! I am wearing a red leopard scarf today that says “Hog Wild” and my Razorback earrings. I packed Hog clothes to wear tomorrow. The only sad thing is that the game is a Pay Per View game, so we are going to try to eat out tomorrow night somewhere where they show the game. I’m hoping Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t too busy so we can get in, eat some yummy food, and watch the Hogs win! Woohoo!

Yay for fall!

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