Family Date Night!

Family Date Night!

We had a super fun family date night. The Community School for the Arts was previewing their newest show- The Lion King- at the library, and I figured it was the perfect opportunity for Remi to watch!

She’s still too little to really sit through an entire performance, but this was casual and short.

It started at 4 (and I get off at 4) so Tyler picked her up and I met them there after work.

She LOOOOOOOOVED it. The room was packed with family of all the kids, so we sat along the wall (which probably worked out better because she had a clear line of sight).

At the start of every song, she would say “I like song!” and then at the end say “Again!”

At one point she even tried mimicking the dancing (be still my heart).

After the show, we went downtown to eat.  We started at Bookish- our new independent bookstore because I had my eye on a book they had. She played around their wonderful kid’s area for a bit.

Then we went to dinner at Rolando’s. I hesitate sometimes taking her to “nicer” places- but we were there pretty early (like 5:15) and she ended up being REALLY good. She ate a big person sized portion of cheese enchiladas and guacamole (girl LOVES Mexican food).

Halfway through our meal, Tyler said “Let’s take the rest to go and finish our night with ice cream!” UM YES.

So we hit up Vargas Ice Cream, which is a great Mexican ice cream shop that makes freakshakes and rolled ice cream. Remi and I shared some ice cream (which she was NOT happy about, btw. She wanted her own, but doesn’t eat enough ice cream to justify her own) and Tyler got a big shake.  She ate the donut and marshmallow off of his shake and had a few bites of ice cream.

It was a super fun night together. It’s so fun for Remi to be more easy going and enjoy more nights like this together.

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