Family Date Weekend (New Normal)

Family Date Weekend (New Normal)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but Tyler moved around at the police department. He’s now a school resource officer! That means he works full-time at a local high school, taking care of issues there and working with the students. It also means he is off work on the weekends (barring Friday night football games…he has to work those). But we have a new normal where Daddy is around more. So thankful.

We had a great weekend full of family time recently.

Friday after school and work, we met up at the library. Remi loves the library!  There’s books to play with and fun stuff to look at (we have an awesome kids wing).

She was very interested in this statue and squirmed up to sit with these kids.

Daddy had to go work a football game, so we met some friends and their toddler girls for dinner!

They were so fun to watch play together and we had a good time. It’s nice that they are (somewhat) self-sufficient and we moms could talk and visit together with them there.

This is Remi and her friend Amelia (and my friend Tara)!

That evening, we read one of our library books (that I think we may have to buy our own copy)- Charlie by the Pioneer Woman. Remi loves it!

Saturday, we went swimming at my moms, took a nap, and then went on a family date!

Tyler took us to Red Lobster (which isn’t usually where I would take a toddler….but ours recently had a hepatitis A health scare, so it’s not-so-busy right now. It’s perfectly clean and clear, but it made the news, so people have been staying away.  Locals, the food and service was wonderful. They are trying to win back customers….go see them!)

Remi was being funny with her napkin!

She was SO GOOD during the meal.  She ate the strawberry off my cocktail and wanted more, so the bartender gave her like 6 strawberries.  She ate those, then ate the tomatoes from our salads, then a biscuit, and then her meal! HUNGRY girl.

After dinner, went to a park up the street to play and watch the ducks.

She was LOVING daddy pushing her up high in the swing. So so happy.

This family time is a blessing I hope we never take for granted.

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