Family Fun at the Farmers Market

Family Fun at the Farmers Market

On Saturday, we didn’t have any plans. I figured we would just have a day of hanging at home. But Tyler (who hardly ever suggest plans!) was like “Let’s go to the farmers market and then grab breakfast.” You better believe I jumped at that- right up my alley! Remi also loves the farmers market. That little extrovert loves seeing all the dogs and talking to the vendors (and her love of veggies is strong- she gets so excited picking them out!)

I loved this fun day with my people.

We masked up and walked the farmers market- getting produce, lamb chops, kettle corn and eggs. And petting about 20 different puppies.

Remi had to dig into the green beans right in the parking lot! Crazy kid. She loves green beans most of all.

Then we walked down to the 5th Street Cafe for breakfast. Tip for FS locals: This place is a hidden gem! It’s a tiny cafe on Garrison, but their food is always awesome!

Our downtown has tons of awesome murals, so we had to stop for a photo op!

After brunch, we walked to Belle Starr Antiques. I saw a post a while back with lots of vintage Fiesta, and I was hoping some of it was still there. It was! I got one little vintage chartreuse bowl, and Remi got a Golden book, and then we headed out!

That night for dinner, we had a feast from the market- lamb chops and fried green tomatoes (my faves!)

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