Family Fun Weekend in Hot Springs

Family Fun Weekend in Hot Springs

Tyler took a day off and we had a fun family day together. We decided to head to Hot Springs to see the family and go to the races.

We had dinner when we got to town with my family at Uncle Neil’s.

Remi girl LOVES having the family around, even if it was close to bedtime when we got there.

She was trying to stay happy, tired girl. But she was SO excited when I sat her on Luke’s lap.  She LOVES Luke. She kept making the rounds and waving at him, but he’s just not that into her. ha!  But she was THRILLED to sit with him.

We had an OK hotel stay.  She went to bed pretty soon after getting to the room, and she was a little apprehensive in the new space.  But some snuggles and mommy support and she fell asleep.  She had a cough, so she didn’t rest super great, but she was a trooper.

We all had breakfast in the morning. The hotel had an AMAZING hot breakfast with like fresh pancakes and omelettes. Nene and the fam came by to see us.  She was SO happy.

After breakfast, she took a great easy morning nap and woke up a happy girl.

The weather wasn’t great, but we braved the racetrack anyway.  I grew up going to the races ALLLLLLLL the time, so it was special to take her there. Carl, my grandma’s boyfriend, works at the track. He gave Remi a horsehoe and jockey’s goggles. She was SO excited and proud.

We had a lot of fun exploring and she liked watching the horses. The weather was cold and rainy, so we only ventured outside for the one minute horse race.

We only stayed for the one race and then went to lunch.  She was getting tired, so she was a little frustrated having to sit still and eat her lunch. Thanks to the grandmas for keeping her happy during the meal.

She took a great nap on the way home, and we had a great trip together. I hate that one of us has to take a day off for family time, but we make it work.


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