Family Fun

Family Fun

Before I left for Seattle, we had a GREAT family fun weekend.

This doesn’t have much of a story except that I DIED at how much their little brains understand. We got home and I had to run to the restroom….so I put Remi down to play.  I heard this weird hitting noise, but she sounded fine, so I didn’t worry.  She ran into the bathroom wearing my boxing gloves and hitting them together. She comes to 9Round with me on Saturdays, and she had picked up exactly what to do!

On Saturday, we went to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Tyler took off work early, so he was able to join us. Any family time together is special.

Remi LOVED playing with everyone and exploring things like the ballons and photo booth props. She enjoyed showing everyone her dance moves, too. She’s a mess.

After the party, we went to our favorite taco shop for dinner. And this girl ate salsa with a spoon, which was amazing. She’s my child for sure.

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