Family Halloween- The Greatest Showman

Family Halloween- The Greatest Showman

A while back, Remi got REALLY into the Greatest Showman. She loves it (also, a mom win because I love it, too!).

She decided she wanted to be The Greatest Showman for Halloween, which was GREAT for our family Halloween costumes. At the time, I wasn’t sure what Halloween would look like, but I knew no matter what, we would dress up and give her a fun day.

Thankfully, after our town’s Halloween trail was changed (to a drive thru…no thanks…no one can see your costumes!), the tiny town where we actually live scheduled a fall festival. My mom sent me the info thinking we would go, but I decided we would do a trunk for trunk or treat. I’m SO glad we did! It was fun to engage with our community and Remi loved passing out candy.

I’m going to split the day into a few posts so I don’t photo overload.

We got ready that morning and took a few self-timer pics before heading out.

The grandmas were conjoined twins (which Remi called “the sisters”) No, there aren’t actual twins like this in the movie (the twins are men) but I liked this idea. (In case anyone finds this looking for costume ideas, this is just a 4X skirt, black long sleeve shirts and funny headbands).

Tyler was Tom Thumb. This is an inflatable elephant man costume, a military jacket and hat from Amazon.

Our ringleader! Remi wore a dress from (they have a ringleader dress), which I embellished a bit more….plus a second hand jacket I embellished, plus a hat and cane (actually a magician’s wand because she’s tiny and the canes were all too long).

And I was the trapeze artist. A purple wig and headband I already owned, a cape and dress from Amazon (that I embellished). Thankfully, Walmart had this tan shirt because it turned out to be cool that morning.

More on the fall festival and the rest of our day in the next posts!

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