Family Matters

Family Matters

We are so lucky that most of our family is nearby.  My family is only a couple of hours away and Tyler’s family is the next town over. And our moms both live here, so Remi girl gets PLENTY of family time.

We’ve spent some evenings down by the pond, and when the grandmas are over for dinner, we love to take them to the pond with us. And lucky for Remi, one of the grandmas ends up carrying her MUCH more than momma or daddy would. Spoiled, much?

We’ve also made some extra trips to see Tyler’s grandpa lately. We love to go over there, and we’ve had some extra free time.  Remi likes to sit on the “rumble seat” in the middle of the couch console. She ate her dinner with grandpa and Gigi while watching something we don’t have at home- the rodeo channel.

She likes to play with Papa’s phone. HELLO?! Papa thinks it’s really funny.

And she also loves two things you see in this picture.  That dog statue behind her. She will drag it out and try to feed it. And she also LOVES Papa’s boots. Trying to walk in them (and tumbling around on the floor) make for really fun entertainment.

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