Family Photos!

A coworker of mine is an amazing photographer.  He used to have a photography business, but didn’t like owning his own business.  So he is our graphic designer/photographer at work.  Well, he still takes pictures for friends and family…and I’m SO glad.  He came to our property a few weeks ago and took some pictures of us.  These are so special because all these pictures are at our land.  Our barn, our cattle fence, our pond. I love it.  Here they are! (picture overload…I love them all!)
I love this!  Those are our barns in the background.
Down by the cattle gates…I had never been to this corner of our property.
My sweet family
The background is our 20 acres.
Our pond…complete with tires in the water and all. 🙂
My very own big red barn.
The photographer had Mikey’s favorite toy to get him to look…and here Mikey decided he needed his toy!
This is my favorite.  You can see both barns and our home behind us.
I don’t think he would ever see my blog…but a HUGE thank you to Devin for taking these amazing photos. We love them! 
This was a 30 Before 30 goal…so another one down!


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these!!! You are so lucky with your photograoher friend, I need to find a hook up like that! 🙂 Will one or some of these be your Christmas card photo? I vote yes!

  2. Great photos!

  3. I love them all! Girl, you are TINY! Your beauty just shines through in these photos, and the animal print brings out your personality! 🙂

    And my favorite one is Mikey getting his toy! Adorbs!

    Can I officially put my name in the hat to receive a Christmas card? Pretty please?

  4. Cute!!!! I love them!! And Mikey is so precious!

  5. They look great!

  6. These are so cute! I love Mikey’s expressions.

  7. Pretty! Where did you get your ADORABLE leopard shirt?

  8. These are gorgeous! I love that you did them on your land… makes them all the more special!

  9. Awesome! What gorgeous photos and your land – whoah! I’m so glad you shared. Great to “meet” the face with a name. Have a great day! 😉

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