Farm Vacation

Farm Vacation

Since our Alaskan cruise got cancelled rescheduled for next summer, we were looking for something fun to do this summer. While a staycation is possible (especially with my mom’s house on the lake with a pool), I needed out of the house.

But everything I thought about seemed too peoply. Until I remembered a friend visiting a farm and checked into it. Thankfully, they had the exact week open that we would have been gone on our cruise!

We took off for 12 Stones Farm in Forsyth, MO (just 30 minutes outside Branson).

We had a good drive up and made it in record time.

Since we had some time to kill, we stopped at Krispy Kreme (as you do). We wore our masks at every stop. Remi knows its the right thing to do to protect ourselves and others.

We got all checked in and unloaded our very full car. We LOVED the rustic cabin and their sweet touches, like this chalkboard.

We checked out the property, going down to the creek and walking around outside, but the lawn games got Remi’s attention, so we had to play croquet.

Every morning and evening, the farmers, Eric and Hope, let us help with “chores.” They varied a bit based on time of day, but they were milking the cows, gathering eggs and feeding the bottle calves.

Remi jumped right in to help, and I was SO proud of her for asking lots of questions. Bless Eric and Hope, they were so patient with her.

The chickens were Remi’s favorite. She loved letting them out in the mornings and gathering eggs at night. This one hen was particularly broody and was sitting on eggs every day, so she got to pet her.

Such a big helper!

Her second favorite thing was feeding Nugget- who was a new baby living in our yard! Remi LOVED this little calf.

We had a late dinner- eating all of our meals at the farm meant I had to do a better job of making food before chore time so we didn’t eat quite so late. Lesson learned. And then it took Remi quite a while to settle for bedtime since she was so excited.

But it was a great first day of our farm-cation!

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