Farmer’s Market Bounty

I have a new obsession. The Farmer’s Market. I went several times last year, and loved it. But somehow I forgot how great it was.

Saturday, I woke up incredibly early. And luckily for Tyler, he spent Friday night at his mom’s so he could sleep in a bit before heading to work. (The drive is substantially shorter from his mom’s house to work compared to our house).

So since we were up so early, we headed to the Farmer’s Market and got the pick of the goodies!

The square is so beautiful! Look at these pretty flowers!

This is one little area of the square where Mikey and I sat and listened to some local musicians play. Mikey got a little over-stimulated from all the sites, smells, people, and other dogs. So we took a little time out here.

One of my favorite parts of the Farmer’s Market is the flowers! Amazing local gardener’s sell single blooms, potted plants, and bouquets! They have several pre-made or they will make them right there for you! I got two beautiful ones because I couldn’t choose. I bought them from two different vendors.

This one is snow balls (or something like that…they are NOT hydrangeas) and an iris (I think) and he called the big purple ball an onion flower. I dunno. But its so pretty and smells DIVINE.

This is my second bouquet. Tulips, Sweet Williams, a lilly and wildflowers.

The little pink flowers are Sweet Williams. They had a sign up saying that white ones were in Kate’s bouquet at the Royal Wedding.

And look at this wonderful tulip! Tulips are my favorite. This one is fully open, there is one halfway open, and one still closed.

I also got some veggies! I got all those cucumbers for $4, green onions and a garlic bulb for $3, asparagus (she said its heirloom variety…should have great flavor) for $4 and that GIANT bag of spinach for $3. Score! Today I am thankful for beautiful flowers and for local people who work so hard to grow these amazing things and share them with the rest of us!

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