Fashion Emergency!

Ok. Not quite emergency.  But some fashion help.
I have some stuff coming up that I need help with. So I took some time and made my closet a certified disaster area. Ignore the workout hair and no makeup.  And the messy bathroom counter.  This is real life, y’all.
First up…Homecoming is this weekend.  Events include alumni tea (outdoors in a reunion area with snacks and mingling), lunch with friends, football game, dinner. Options:
Option 1: skinny jeans, tan boots, navy tank, watermelon sweater, belt.
close up to see the navy top (with ruffled neck) and watermelon sweater with the tan belt.
Option 2: skinnies and boots, patterned top and brown sweater.
Close up of the top and sweater.
Option 3: a green top with beaded neck, skinnies and boots.
closeup of the top.  I think it’s very flattering.
For the show that night, I like to dress up a bit more (and get out of the clothes I’ve been in all day). Options:
Option 1: maxi and sweater with belt. I would probably throw my royal blue bubble necklace on with this.
Black/grey leopard dress, melon sweater and belt.  Would probably wear flats with this.  I won’t want to tramp around in heels.
Close up.
Outfits for a work conference in a couple weeks.  We will be in Vegas.  The weather will be a little warmer than it is at home.  We are to be business-y, but it is for marketing folks, so we are a creative bunch, so freedom of expression is welcome.  Feedback on these options:
Mustard skinnies, denim tunic, leopard belt and flats.
Purple high-low skirt, black mesh top with statement necklace.  Would wear black flats with this.
Top closeup. 
Playing with some color/texture. Black skinnies, red layered top and turquoise sweater with embellishments.  With black flats.
And last, for family photos.  We have them scheduled at the end of the month.  I know people advise solids, but I’m a leopard girl. So what do you think of this?  We will likely change clothes once, so I’m working on the second outfit.  I might do the purple maxi, but with a jean jacket over the top of it.
Black skinnies, brown boots, leopard, watermelon sweater.
For homecoming, which options do you like best? Do you like the conference outfits?  What about family photo outfit?  Give me honest feedback!  Y’all are my sisters….you know Tyler had no opinion about any of these clothes! πŸ™‚


  1. Not that my opinion is fantastic, but I like the watermelon sweat outfit for homecoming day, maxi dress for the night and the red/turquoise sweater outfit for work function.

  2. Okay, honest opinions:

    Homecoming- option 1 (watermelon sweater)
    Show that night- option 1 (maxi dress)
    Work function in Vegas- option 2 is my fave (purple skirt)with option 3 my next choice
    Family photos-love the leopard! Black boots would be cute, too!

    Hope this helps! As a girl that shops for clothes by myself, I LOVE getting second opinions when I can!

    • Thank you! I may have found a top at Kohl’s today that I like better for Homecoming…we shall see! And interesting how the maxi translates…I’m wearing it today and not sure I love it, but it must look good in photos because it is 2/2! πŸ™‚

  3. Love outfit 1 for homecoming! Also love the maxi outfit and the mustard skinnies/tunic outfit!

    I am also a lover of leopard so I’m all about that family picture outfit!

    Where did you get your brown boots? I need some new brown boots and love the color of those!

    • Thanks! I’m a leopard FREAK! I say it is my favorite color! The boots came from (a plus size site) last year. I have big calves and have to buy plus size boots. They are awesome and the color is perfect!

    • I will have to check that out! I always have to get wide calf boots too because I’m so short they usually hit me at the widest part of my calf so I can’t tuck pants in!

  4. i love option 1 for homecoming! I think you need to take back what you bought at kohl’s… everyone voted for option 1! πŸ™‚ Also, love the last little combo you have on here for your work thing. maybe i just really like that watermelon sweater!

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