Fashion Friday- Earrings!

Earrings are wonderful. They are simple, tiny accessories that can really polish off a look. I think earrings can frame your face and make an outfit seem like a little more. More funky, more polished, more fun, more whatever. A simple pair of earrings can change your look.
I love to shop for earrings at Forever 21. They are very affordable and well made. I have many pairs from there. If there is no Forever 21 near you, you can also shop online. Here are some of my current favorites. *all links take you the earrings online*
Little fabric flowers with pearls! How pretty! These would polish up any look. I love these dangly gems! The creamy stones look great in the gold settings. I think these could elevate a simple T-Shirt, or fancy up a dress. They are very glamorous looking.
These are so casual and chic! I love the pinky gold tone with the delicate little flowers! The light pink and the turquoise make these great Spring earrings. These would be killer with a solid top and hair pulled up.

I am drooling over these peachy gold drops. I must be in a rose gold kick (its my favorite metal!) but I would adore these paired with a chic black top. They would really pop against dark hair as well.

Funky, cool sunburst earrings. These look like tie-dye to me! I love these for Spring and summer. These would make a simple sundress look so fun and funky.

Which ones are your favorite?

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