Fashion Friday- Swimsuits!

Whether or not you want to believe it, summer is right around the corner. With all this nasty Spring weather we’ve been having, it feels like Spring is just dragging on…but I know that warmer weather and sunshine are almost here!

For me, summer means pool and lake time. At my parent’s house, we have a pool in the backyard and a lake just beyond that. I LOVE the water. And I love swimsuits!

I have always liked swimsuits and such because of my love of water. But I think with my weight loss and new figure, I will love swimsuit shopping even more!

When we were at Dillard’s a while back, I did try on this suit, and I’m in love! (All swimsuits on here are from Dillards). This suit is so fun and flirty with the polka dots and little ruffle skirt!

If I’m able to eventually rock a bikini (current status: workin’ on it). I really like this one. I am a big fan of strapless swimsuits (read: fewer tan lines) And I’m diggin the bright red color and cute little skirted bottom.

I also think this one is precious. Because I was a Tri Chi in college, I love me some pink and green! While her floral headpiece is a bit much (maybe a Royal wedding hat? who knows), I do really like the sweetheart neckline and cute bottoms.

I can’t wait to hit my goal weight and go swimsuit shopping! Hoping for a bikini bod!

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