Fashion Friday: Things I’ve Ordered

Fashion Friday: Things I’ve Ordered

I have a problem. An online shopping problem.  Well, maybe it’s not a problem per se, but rather an obsession.  I love the ease of ordering items online.  And the variety of items at my fingertips.

I’ve done a lot of ordering lately trying to spiff up my fall/winter wardrobe.  I am waiting on all of these items to come in…but while I patiently  wait, I wanted to share them with you.

Let’s start with my new Hanson pajama pants.  They should ship next week.  Hanson has a new digital EP called “Super Digital Pants” and they made these pj pants to go along with the release.


I also ordered a monogram denim shirt from Groop Dealz a while back.  I’m waiting for it to ship.  The deal has expired, but here’s a similar one on Etsyil_340x270.604723294_a2cb

Wednesday night, I got an email from the online shop Zig Zag Stripe.  I had ordered from them previously, and they were having 30% off the entire site.  I got this CUTE plaid cardigandownload (1)

And Zulily is usually hit or miss, but I found THREE things I had to have.  I hope they fit when they come in.  If not, I’ll pass them on to a smaller friend.

The grey tunic is here, the plaid cardigan is no longer available, and the patterned cardigan is here.




So those are the things that will soon be gracing my closet.  What have you bought lately?


  1. Love that plaid cardigan from Zig Zag Stripe!! So fun!!

  2. I loved this post! I am totally obsessed with online shopping too, I feel like you can get such good deals! Love the plaid cardigan so so much!

    Are you gonna brave the cold for the AR vs. LSU game tomorrow?

    • Emily- I can not wait to get that plaid cardigan in. I hope I love it in person as much as I love it online (the downside to online shopping!). There was NO WAY I would sit outside in the cold! ha! I saw that you went. Was it as miserable there as it seemed? I mean, I know the game was AMAZING but I’d rather watch from my living room. 🙂 ha!

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