Fashion Friday: This Week’s Clothes

Fashion Friday: This Week’s Clothes

I installed a full length mirror in our guest bathroom. I have a full-length mirror in our bathroom, but when I’m getting ready, I usually finish up in the guest bathroom. It’s where I keep my makeup (the lighting is better than our bathroom) so it’s usually my last stop.

So when I document my outfits, it was a hassle to finish in the guest bathroom then go BACK to our bathroom for a pic (especially when Tyler has his days off…I would trek back through our bedroom and try not to wake the sleeping giant. ha!).

So $12 mirror to the selfie rescue.

I remembered to take a picture of 4/5 outfits this week.

I gotta be honest. This is an experiment in self-confidence. My weight/body isn’t what I want it to be currently. I’ve been lazy, emotionally eating this year, and I have work to do.  I’m trying. But I also want to love myself and treat myself well now.

So enter putting my outfits on the Internet for strangers to see. Ha!! To be honest, it makes me be mindful of what I’m putting on my body, and makes me see it’s not quite as bad as I think it is in my mind.

On Monday, I wore a coral dress from Gibson & Latimer at Dillard’s.  I bought it during one of the sale-on-sale items for like $12. I wore it with my brown boots and a jeweled necklace (from Wal-Mart!).

Tuesday I wore grey ponte pants (NYDJ brand from Rue La La), a white tank button up from Loft, and a plaid cardigan from Zig Zag Stripe. Topped off with red flats for some fun.

I forgot to take a picture Wednesday.

Thursday I wore Gibson & Latimer leggings (they have a seam down the front- very flattering), a tunic from Zulily that mom gave me, and my fringe Minnetonka wedge boots from Rue La La. Topped it off with a Premier Jewelry necklace.

Today for jean day Friday, I have on NYDJ jeans, a Polo plaid shirt (from TJ Maxx), and quilted brown booties from Wal-Mart. Added some sparkle with a pearl and crystal necklace from Target.


So that’s what I wore this week. Maybe you can find some outfit inspiration (or the confidence to take the darn selfie and show off your fashion)! Happy Friday, loves!

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