Fashion Friday- Workout Clothes

I know that a lot of people work out in old, ratty clothes. But I can’t do it. I like to be cute and comfortable to work out. Plus, cute new workout clothes always motivate me to get to the gym!

I am LOVING the C9 Champion Brand of workout gear at Target.

The tanks have a built in sports bra…which is great for bigger busted girls (like me) because I wear 2 anyway…so now I can wear 1, and this tank. They come in lots of great colors.

The C9 brand also has great pants. I prefer to work out in capris over pants…and I am just loving these ruched tie capris.

I absolutely adore this cut and fit. I have like 4 pairs of these…and some have a contrasting waistband, like the pink here…for a cute pop of color.
As you know, I am now a Zumba instructor, and I also love wearing Zumbawear! You can get it online at (or talk to me if you want some!).

I really like their racerbacks. They have tons of styles, and while they are a bit snug, I order bigger and then really like the support the tighter fabric gives.
I am drooling over this burnout shirt. It has the Zumba logo in a sheer design on this T. I would LOVE to layer it with a cute colored tank. I am just waiting on some extra spending money, and this baby will be mine!

Another favorite of mine are the Zumba leggings. They are really comfortable and very flattering. And the cute little heart design is precious!

And for those of you who can’t find a supportive sport’s bra (like me…I usually wear 2 sports bras…or one regular bra and a sports bra)…get to Kohl’s and buy yourself this Lily of France bra. It has molded cups and a bra clasp in the back, but is breathable and racerback like other sports bras. With this puppy, I only have to wear one bra to workout…and its really comfortable.

Any tips for dressing for a workout?

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