Navy is the New Black

I am in no way a fashionista. However, I do love to shop and read fashion magazines. And I just went shopping last weekend a this week for a couple new things and saw some cute new trends.First trend I noticed was lots of navy. Now navy can go lots of ways. First, it can go blah..which is bad. Navy can be a boring neutral. Or navy can be a more preppy alternative to black and brown. Its not quite as heavy and dark. Navy looks can go youthful or nautical. I really like the preppy navy looks….

Like these adorable navy heels from RSVP.  Navy peeptoe heels with a bow?  LOVE.

I LOVE this lace navy dress from Target. I bought this one and may wear this weekend. The little lacy details on the flutter sleeves was so delicate and cute.

Another easy way to wear navy that I’ve seen lots of are striped cardigans, especially these open, flowy ones. You could wear them casual…

Or dressy with a skirt and shiny chain belt.

There were also some cute nautical inspired navy pants at Ann Taylor loft with cute little sailoresque buttons on the hips.
I LOVE the color top that they paired with those navy pants…an orangey coral. I’ve been seeing more of that color too and I think it looks amazing with navy. I did notice some coral accessories while I was shopping recently.

I think anyone can pull off a  big blingy cuff bracelet…would look so cute with a navy T-shirt and jeans.

And these were a bit more orangey…earrings from Target. Gotta love a good chandelier earring.
I also bought a pair of coral earrings last weekend. I think its a nice way to bring in some bright trendy color to my wardrobe without spending a lot.

Any trends you have noticed? Are you wearing navy and coral yet?

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