Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day Weekend

We had a lot of fun celebrating Father’s Day this year! It started early with a dinner at Dad’s nursing home. They are the best with special celebrations- they do a sweet steak dinner and decorate the tables. It’s very nice of the workers.

Remi girl LOVES pushing Papa’s chair.  He was in such a great mood that evening. (Side note: if you haven’t been around here long, by dad has Alzheimer’s.  He and mom are quite different in age, but they have been married my entire life and she cared for him as long as possible at home. He lost his vision and she was no longer able to care for him at home).

Side note: Remi had her luau at school that day.  Dying from cuteness.


We did some fun swimming with Dada. Remi LOVES splashing around. Daddy is the most fun.

Father’s Day morning, she and I headed to church. We had a little photo shoot at church waiting on my mom to come open up the church’s clothes closet. We were gathering clothes for some friends who got a new foster child and enjoyed playing in the rocks before mom got there.

Tyler took off work a few hours early on Sunday and we headed to NWA for a fun kid’s fishing event at Cabela’s.  I laughed because Tyler was SO excited about this. But Remi has been fishing several times and they’ve caught fish. But he wanted to go and it’s his day….so we went.

While we waited for the fishing, Remi got to make a fish craft.  She was interested, but wanted to make it her way. Of course. It’s fun to see her independent and creative side come out.

We waited in line and Remi got to attempt catching some fish in a set up pool there.  They really weren’t biting, but it was fun because she could clearly see the fish swimming.

After some shopping, we had a great sushi lunch at Tyler’s favorite spot.  A fantastic day together.

We are so blessed by Tyler. He works hard, loves us well and is the biggest support and best daddy.

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