Favorite TV Shows {Commenting Challenge}

For the commenting challenge today, Jenna asked about our favorite TV shows.
I have a confession: I have multiple personalitities when it comes to TV shows.
I used to be only a Bravo & Food Network gal.
Then I got married.
We both enjoy some of the USA shows (which I’m going to discuss), but I have also been turned on to some shows that single Brittney NEVER would have watched.
For starters, here are my USA addictions:
We watch most of their original shows…but Tyler likes Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych, and  Neccesary Roughness more than I do.  I LOVE:
Graceland is a new show starring Aaron Tveit.  I know him from Broadway stuff (Catch Me if You Can, Next to Normal, Les Mis movie) but he is FANTASTIC in this show.  It’s about undercover agents in the drug rings in California.  But Aaron’s character is not just there to work cases, he is there to investigate some shady stuff going down in the undercover home, which they call Graceland.  Very good story line.
Royal Pains is about concierge doctors in the Hamptons.  I love the interactions between the characters and now that one of them is pregnant, I’m sure the plot is going to twist.
And Suits.  Oh Suits.  How I love thee.  I love these quippy, smart, conniving lawyers.  And they look darn good doing it.  The story is shaking up with a merger this season.  I wouldn’t watch this one without going back and watching back episodes.  The backstory is pretty important.
And now for some shows I never thought I would choose to watch….
Fast n Loud is a show where they take antique cars and restore them.  What?  I watch this?  Yes.  The guys are funny and it’s actually interesting to see them restore the cars.  And their upholstery lady is CRAZY funny.
Brain Games comes on National Geographic and it’s basically a fun psychology show that shows you the weird ways your brain works.
And American Pickers is about two guys who travel the country hunting for junk they can resell.  They climb through old barns and outbuildings looking for rusty treasure.
I LOVE these shows.  What do you watch?


  1. Hey, Brittney! Hmmm…we may need to talk TV!

  2. I love Criminal Minds and the Mentalist, also reality shows like Duck Dynasty and the gold mining shows!

  3. I LOVE American Pickers! They were in my hometown last week and picked my old basketball coach!

  4. I am a total TV junkie and always have been. I probably shouldn’t be proud of it! I love Duck Dynasty, New Girl, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Mike & Molly, and anything on HGTV.

    The Grass Skirt

  5. I have heard so many good things about Suits! I have been meaning to search for it on Netflix or Hulu and this reminded me! It’s funny that you mention TV before getting married. I don’t remember watching much before I got married besides the typical Bachelor, Friends, Greys… girly shows! Now I’m all over the charts, too!!

  6. I forgot about Brain Games and American Pickers. I’ve watched those a few times too thanks to my in-laws. They also led me to Treehouse Masters! I think it might be on Animal Planet.

  7. I like American Pickers, too. They always find the best stuff. If I went out to someone else’s barn I know I’d only find junk!

  8. I would like to get into Graceland soon! Can’t wait to blog for tomorrow’s topic-pinterest!

  9. WE love American Pickers!!! We actually saw them traveling on I30 when we were on our way back from my brother’s wedding at Lake DeGray! We got super excited..LOL

  10. My husband loves Fast & Loud and I always end up watching too! It’s really good! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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