Feelin Funky

…and not in a good way.  This week I have just felt “off.”  Not sure what is causing it, but I haven’t felt all there this week.  I even told Tyler (for the first time ever!) that if I wasn’t the teacher, I wouldn’t have done Zumba this week.  I did it, but it didn’t give me the pick me up it normally does after a bad day. 

I’m not sad about anything, stressed about anything, or feeling ill.  Just not feeling like myself.

I’m not really sad, but this little guy looks as pitiful as I feel. ha!

A few culprits:
-Last week’s holiday week and wonderful weekend.  Sometimes it is hard to rebound from time off.
-Worrying about Gram and her surgery.  Lots of prayer time giving that to God.
-This week’s hectic schedule.  I have had a few extra things going on this week (a massage/facial after work Monday, some freelance work, etc) so I feel busy.
-Preparing for the weekend.  I am heading to Miss Arkansas after work and there is so much to do!  Eyebrows waxed, find shoes to go with my dress, nails, etc…all that running around wears me out.
-Backed up housework.  We spent all evening Wednesday cleaning up.  At least I have a husband who will help!
-“Lady time” Not to be TMI, but I always feel cruddy when Aunt Flo comes around.

So all this to say, I am ready for a fun weekend with my best friend, seeing my family, and some relaxing pool time.  I think that will recharge me.

Nothing else has proven effective.  This week the usuals weren’t cutting it.  I did Zumba, got pampered (facial, massage, nails), cleaned house, shopped…. So I am hoping this funky feeling goes away with some time at home with my bestie.

What brings you out of a funk?  


  1. First of all, I love your blog. Second of all, Zumba is my favorite and I’m sure you don’t post things like, “I just got my workout on for five hours straight. What have YOU done on your Monday morning??” Haha.

    • ha! Thanks! I def don’t do that! I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, but when my friends talk about wanting beautiful babies someday, I always go to your blog and show them your sweet girl. She is beautiful (and so is her momma!) 🙂 Glad to know you get your Zumba on! It is the most fun!

  2. You are the sweetest!! Thanks so much!! I am a bit partial to my baby girl. She’s a mess.

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