Fiesta Update

I got some new pieces for Christmas and throughout the year…so it’s time for a Fiestaware update!
This is my current collection (minus the everyday stuff we use in our kitchen….plates, bowls, and some mugs).

This is the stuff on the table.  Notice the awesome new lapis “Dancing Lady: cookie jar (Christmas gift from Mom!).

And some of my favorite/rare pieces.
A lilac Tom and Jerry mug. (dont’ know why it’s called that…but that’s what this style mug is called).

A new lapis dip set (a ramekin with a matching spreader!)

My teapots!  A juniper large one…black little one…and the rare find: a medium green medium-sized one.  Along with my new flamingo jumbo butter dish that I got at Macy’s this summer.

Some little pieces….a vintage yellow and turquoise egg cup and a chartreuse demi. cup

Coffee pots!  These are rare.  I have a large periwinkle, a small rose, and a large persimmon.  The outer two are plastic and the middle one is ceramic.

This is a neat piece we found at an antique store in Hot Springs.  It’s a metal dutch oven in vintage yellow.  I’m not sure what this piece is because it’s not in my collector’s book..but it’s mark Fiesta.

These are all pieces of the Ironstone line.  Turf green, harvest gold, and amberstone.  I also have a mango creamer too….but it’s on another shelf.

These are sugar bowls and water jugs.  Original green, turquoise, gray, red, and old chartreuse.

And this is a new heart bowl I got for Christmas.  It looks yellow, but it’s really tangerine orange.

So those are some of my favorite pieces!  I am going to do a color comparison post soon.  I have had some people inquire in the differences in the colors when placed side by side.
Fiestaware just makes me happy! 🙂


  1. Wow!! I love this post. We have fiestaware too! I don’t collect it Per se but its our everyday dinner ware and I have many pieces. Love!

  2. Wow!!! I have never heard of collecting Fiestaware…this is so neat! You have so many cool pieces, and such a great way to display everything! So fun!

  3. Love this, such fun and bright colors!

  4. Great collection!

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